Meet the Experts

At bingevpn, our innovative VPNScore system ensures the right VPN choice through a perfect blend of expert analysis and real-world user feedback. With us, security doesn’t have to be complicated. We’re here to guide, protect, and empower you in your journey through the vast VPN universe.

Meet the Experts

Here is the team of experts who work diligently to test the world’s best VPNs and bring the best for you.

Charlotte Noah

Charlotte is a VPN guide writer at Binge VPN who brings the concept of VPN experts to life.

Wyatt Owen

Wyatt is a Lead VPN Expert at Binge VPN who tests the world’s top VPN products to suggest the best to you.

Marie Shane

Marie is a senior content editor at Binge VPN who checks and verifies the final content which is being published on the website.

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